Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 2020: Beginning to See Clearly

January 2020
Full of Joy

It starts back in the Great Smoky Mountains with Lucy and Grace.

Samuel's artwork was a high point of the month as well.

My good friend Scott Woogen invited us to watch a VCU basketball game.
It was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed it except VCU; they lost.

On my way in to HDH Forest, I came across a regal crow atop a light pole.

Then we heard from Hannah Espana. She is having a great experience, as you can see.

Jackson constructed a new magnetic tile creation, inspired by the great ships of yesteryear.

He seemed pretty pleased with the outcome of his project,
as well as the scent and softness of his freshly laundered towels.

Then Jackson made The Hill City Instagram feed.

And we were fortunate to make it out to the forest for a couple days of rest.

We celebrated Matthew's 31st birthday, without intrusive photography.
We also celebrated Lily's 7th birthday, with much fanfare and decorations!

Homemade Unicorn Cake
(not made with real unicorns)

The unicorn princess greets her visitors.

Lily and Jackson enjoyed her new Barbie house!

Later the same week, Lily and mom took the train to Philadelphia...