Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Night in Guangzhou!

We're leaving tomorrow! We're leaving tomorrow! Sorry. Just had to get
that out there. Okay, so today we went shopping at the pearl market
and had a swell time. While at the Li Wan Plaza (on Shang Jiu Road),
we encountered an all out fist fight brawl between a security guard
and a woman carrying grain up an escalator. She was trying to hit him
in the head with her luggage cart. He didn't like it. I'm not sure
why. I was too timid to get it on film but wish I had now. We asked
for bottled water at supper and the waitress brought us beer, saying
they were out of water but the beer was really cold. We mentioned we
were getting the water for the kids and she thought they would be just
as happy with beer. Did I mention that we're leaving tomorrow; because
we are.

After lunch at Pizza Hut, we went with the other families to the
Consulate, squared up our paper work, took an oath of citizenship on
behalf of the children, signed some form 230's (or something like
that), then headed on out to dinner with the group. Thai food. Super
spicy and delicious. After dinner, they brought Jacob a birthday cake
and sang Happy Birthday to him twice, once in Chinese then again in
English (same tune). When we got back to the hotel, we opened up a
gyroscope Susan bought at the store. Jacob loved it. To make things
even better, if you crank it up extra fast it plays the birthday song
and lights up. He was deliriously giddy.

Tomorrow we check out at 2 pm, pick up the Visas, and take the 4:15
train to Hong Kong. We will spend the night there and get up early to
catch our flights home. Unless we blog tomorrow before 2, this may be
our final entry until we get home. Thanks for joining us on our
adventure. See you all real soon.

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  1. Worst part about going home is not getting to see you guys every groundhogs day!! Truly you guys have made our trip the best!!! Hoping we can keep in touch!!