Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Thompson Family, Mechanicsville, VA




Professor Catface Meowmers (aka Meowmers)

Annabelle, age 5 (but turning 6 in less than 2 weeks!)

Annabelle, incredulous

Annabelle (Yueyang, Hunan, China), with Jacob (Nanning, Guangxi, China))

Jacob, age 7 (cape optional)


Noah, age 7, on porch, pursuing James

Noah, flying his sister's likeness across the family room

Noah (Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan), with Luke (and food)

Lucy, age 8, with a Princess Leia do

Lucy (Aktobe, Kazakhstan), styling

Hannah, age 13, flexing

Hannah (Richmond, VA), happy

Hannah, Luke's twin (no, they are not identical)

Luke, age 13, with party-dog Chip

Luke (Richmond, VA), with Rinat (left)

Zarina, age 13, with party hat acquired from birthday boy

Zarina (Petropavlovsk, Kazkhstan)

Joshua, now 14!

Joshua (Guangzhou, Guangdong, China)

Grace, 15, teaching Annabelle to tango

Grace (Richmond, VA)

Grace, now with driving permit

Grace, at Joshua's birthday dinner

Sholpan (Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan), 16

Sholpan, hoping Allie Dulio will slay the dragon

James, age 18, with dad (not taking his lithium)

James (Birmingham, AL), leaving in a week for the College of William and Mary

Rinat (Petropavlovsk, Kazakstan), big bio brother of Sholpan and Zarina
(balloons on head, optional, but a hit at the Joshua Birth Celebration Festival)

Lynsey (Birmingham, AL), 19, about to start year 2 at VCU

Matthew (Birmingham, AL), age 21

Matthew, rising William and Mary senior, next stop medical school

Susan, mother of a multitude

Susan and Jacob, dancing through the kitchen

Susan dancing with Jacob, Annabelle, and Chip (really?)


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