Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter Whiplash

The weather has been really unusual this winter.
It has gone back and forth from 72 to 17 (or 7) several times.

Susan and Samuel got caught in a freakish rain and hail storm
while walking back to the car from the grocery store (Sam's Club).

They both got soaked but no one was injured.

A little snack always helps one recover from such trauma.

A few days later we had a major winter storm with ice and snow and car wrecks;
lots and lots and lots of car wrecks.

Hannah stayed inside and, with Lynsey's help, made some gifts for friends

Then we all had shrimp and grits and thanked God for His providence,

Then it snowed some more.

Then it snowed some more.

The kids bundled up for the ride.
Richmond, VA can clear some roads.

Then this thing showed up and someone thought we should eat it.
Guess what happened next? Did you guess SNOW? You were right!

Annabelle took advantage of school cancellation to work on her reading.
(technically you have to read the lyrics to do karaoke, right?)

Matthew dropped in from Norfolk to see what was happening back at home.

Susan made 5 pans of cinnamon rolls three times.
Why are there none left?

Now the snow has melted again and we eagerly await springtime.

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