Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ordinary Time: Always Extraordinary

Happy Valentine's Day, World!

The ducks arrive.

The Spirit of Competition

Bubbles that float. Surface tension can be a good thing.

Why so serious?

Noah went to Luray Caverns. He shared these photos.

Noah also visited this maze. Kindly note that a perspective from above always helps one through.

Keep on dancing

Winter wardrobe

Now that really is extraordinary!
(Will Will may have to change his name)

Hello, World!

Hannah and friends took a road trip, including a visit to Crayola Land.

When in Philly, try the cheesesteak.

Niagara Falls

Canadian Thrift Shopping

Maddie buys a bag of milk. Extraordinary.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin...

Life really is extraordinary.

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