Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Empathy for the Mohawks

So there's kind of a long story about why we all have mohawks. Jacob is in Minneapolis getting his transplant and the effects of the radiation and chemotherapy should be kicking in any day now with respect to his hair loss. The folks in Minnesota like to have as much joy as possible about such things and they have told Jacob they would bring by some supplies so he could dye his hair all kinds of interesting colors then get a crazy haircut like a mohawk, let mom get lots of funny pictures, then shave it all off, thus avoiding the unpleasant and inevitable itchy clumps of hair falling out in your bed and in your hand when you scratch at your scalp. We thought today would be the day so we all got hair gel and made crazy hair for ourselves in preparation of seeing Jacob on FaceTime. But, alas, he had been feeling poorly and had declined to have the hair party today. Perhaps tomorrow.

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