Monday, October 1, 2012

A Joyous Homecoming

Are you super bored?
Because you have work to do.
Change the sheets and Lysol the house.
Don't go to bed early.
Details to follow.

Could this be the sign that our Home Sweet Home is no longer upside down?

Then came the next text message:

10:15 pm

Really? I thought the earliest possible return was early next week and now I am hearing about
a return on Saturday night? I am euphoric, but also a little sleep deprived so I check again to
make sure it said what i thought it said. "How can these things be?" I asked. 
"Don't question a miracle." came the response.
I stopped with the questions and got to work.
Where was that Lysol?
It took a whole can to spray down the house.
It smelled kinda nice.

I asked her if she had told any of the kids, except Jacob (of course)
She said she had told no one, not even Jacob.
She just told him to "grab a bag and follow me."
He did. That is Faith. Loyalty. Obedience. Trust. Love.

She managed to get through security with a dozen hand grenades.
At least that's what Jacob's antiviral IV infusion balls look like to me.
Another miracle.

I was waiting until she passed the Fail Safe to tell.
Then came the text from Philly.
They are on the plane to Richmond.

Susan's parents were mighty glad to see her.

So was I.

Jacob was all grins to be home with his brothers and sisters.

Even though it was 11pm, Jacob still needed his medicine so we stayed up until 12:30 am

We can put these in the attic for awhile.

Because we couldn't find a "Way to Leave!" balloon

Grace may have been happy to see her mommy.

The camera man

Does this mean we can go home, too?

Susan tried to wake up Annabelle and Sophie. Not happening.

11:22 pm
Nick Saban is happy
The Thompson Family is happier

Beauty has returned to the compound

Even the bowls were happy.

1:35 am
Luke is back with the Hanover High marching band from a competition at JMU

5:00 am
Will and Martha load their cases into the van and we are off to the airport

9:00 am
After getting a little more sleep
I take the kitchen trash out

I pass the rose bush
The buds (like the rest of us)
had waited long enough.

With grateful praise to our creator, redeemer and sustainer
and with great thanks to all of you for
your prayers
your presence
your gifts of food
your encouraging words
and everything else.


  1. Tears rolling down my face at work reading this!!! I have waited for this day for you guys!!! So happy it finally arrived!!!!

  2. Rejoicing with you, Thompsons!!! God's mercies are new every morning.

  3. So happy for you!! Been praying for you all!