Monday, October 1, 2012

An Ordinary Saturday

It started off like a typical Saturday.

Grant came to help out Hannah's soccer team

Hannah showed off her mad soccer skills

Hannah and Grant posed for the camera

Hannah showed how you can catch a ball better if your eyes are open

Samuel drove around in his pickup

and gave GiGi a ride around the driveway

Zarina spied from the pantry

Some beautiful rosebuds
and teased
us with their
wonderful colors

I sent Susan this image and told her i thought these buds
would simply refuse to bloom until she and Jacob returned

but these just couldn't wait

Algae, the sign of a balanced ecosystem

Tickling your sister

Wonder what she was up to?

I was not kicking the ball in the house. Grin.

More posing

Lynsey and Matt came over for supper
and the Alabama Ole Miss game

With Ole Miss alum Mama Martha in the house
they kept their "Roll Tides" on the down low

Then I got the text message I had been waiting for.
It asked: "Are you super bored?"
Surely the sender knew better...

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