Sunday, June 2, 2013

iPhone Photos: Working for a Living

James is taking the bus to work at Epic Medical Software (Madison, WI).

Lynsey is hard at work as a nanny by the pool.

Our whole family did some work preparing mulch beds for mulching.

Then we got tired and hired some folks to put the mulch down.

Then we take some time to play. I took this photo of Noah at
registration for the Kickers travel team he recently joined.

James took this photo at a "board game club" in Madison.

Keith and Samuel pose after bath time.

Three years old and still adorable...

Hannah shows Noah the cool shirt she made.

Lucy has only been at the new gym for a few weeks but they were nice enough
to give her an end of the year gift, as they did for all the other girls on the team.

Sholpan got a job hostessing for Applebee's
so she needed to take the road test and make her 
driver's license legit. We waited two hours.

Finally she got to drive.

She passed! She is delighted!
Graduating high school, with a license and a job!

On our way home, we saw some very cute baby deer by the side of the road.

Then we celebrated with a nice steak dinner. Yummy!

The grill daddy was pretty pleased.
Now the weekend is over and it's back to work...

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