Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sepias, Cherubs, SODA, and Rainbow Bunnies

Couldn't help but bring this one out.
From King's Dominion Old Time Photos.
Matthew, Lynsey and James in the back.
Grace and Caroline LeRoux in the middle.
Luke and Hannah in the front.
None of them have changed a bit.
Looking at Grace's hair reminds me:
What Comes Around, Goes Around!

Okay. Well, maybe Lynsey has gotten a bit taller.

Samuel at Reveille UMC.


Susan Thompson, director of the Cherub Choir

Guess who I was talking to.
Hint: He is working 13 hour days, six days a week.

Grant White and Hannah Thompson, at the SODA induction.
SODA (Student Organization for Developing Attitudes) is a mentoring program
 aimed at developing constructive attitudes in elementary school children.
High school students teach fourth graders how to lead healthy and moral lives,
teaching them lessons about honesty, teamwork, and resisting peer pressure.
Hannah will be SODA Captain next year. Congrats!

Samuel, with friends Rainbow Bunny and Pink Bunny

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