Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jacob: Soon is Now!

Jacob: When will I start to feel better?
Doctor: You will feel better soon.
Jacob: When is soon?

Soon is now.

Jacob's white blood cell count continues to rise (that's good).
Jacob's mouth continues to heal (that's wonderful).
Jacob gets to leave his room on Independence Day (that's poetry).
Jacob may get discharged next week (that's grace).

Enjoy the smiles.

Jacob is awake and returning to his old form.

He smiles.

He keeps his head warm with fun hats.

He has switched to taking most of his medicine by mouth.

He can make Samuel giggle.

He can make funny faces and bring joy to his online friends (that's you).

This is my boy.
Thank you for your prayers.
Today they are being answered with clarity.
There is still a hard road ahead so keep praying for his continued healing.


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