Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We drove home from the beach Friday night to avoid the Saturday traffic (good call). Halfway home we see it, a massive storm ahead. We were scared. 65 mph winds blew my car into the next lane (not cool). Turns out it was a derecho (look it up). It was bad. We decided to track the storm on the iPhone (there's an app for that). We learned that the storm would pass over us soon so we parked on the shoulder of I-295 under the cover of I-64 and waited (good call). We finally made it home safely but had no electricity. On Saturday we got our power back around 5 pm (excellent).  Two hours later, the tornado hit Studley. The house shook, the siding went flying, the trees fell, the power went out (for four days). The house got hotter and hotter and we finally sought sanctuary at Reveille UMC.

Reveille UMC, the air mattress capital of the world

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