Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Samuel: A Day in the Life

Hi. My name is Samuel Thompson. I am from Inner Mongolia but now I live in Mechanicsville, Virginia with my new family. They are hilarious folks. This morning I woke up at 6:30, took a quick shower, got dressed, downed a quick Pop Tart, then packed my lunch. Today was "Splash Day" at the
Goddard School so I took my bathing suit and a towel. On the way to school I sang songs and had fun in the car with two of my 8 sisters, Lucy and Annabelle, who had early morning gymnastics training. I had a blast at school, especially enjoying playing in the water. I learned a little something as well, able to successfully identify "diamond shapes" during circle time. After school, dad picked me up in the Prius and let me play with a cool styrofoam cup. I used it as a megaphone and as a listening device. Such fun! When I arrived home, Lucy and Annabelle were waiting on me and they taught me how to snap a fake balloon football. I also enjoyed seeing James and Mirva. For dinner, I had turkey and vegetables. Mary Ann Ramage and her daughter Beth are feeding us for the next two days (thank you, Jesus) and tonight we had turkey with gravy, corn, green beans, and some rolls. Mama Martha threw in some leftover Caesar salad and fruit and the results were quite satisfying. The highlight was dessert, a lemon chiffon concoction that was out of this world, highly recommended. 

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