Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The House that Love Built

Lucy and Serena at "Knitting Class" at Ronald McDonald House (RMH)

Lucy's animals she retrieved with "The Claw"

Sophie's part in the wall hanging in Jacob's room (made at Reveille UMC VBS)

RMH naturally prefers Coke products

Knitting a scarf with a touch of Viking purple (of course)

Lucy: I think I will do a hand stand right next to Jacob.

Jacob: I think I will tickle the tummy of this girl doing a hand stand.

Jacob: Yes, that was fun!

Not all groovey acts of kindniss are performed by gud spelers.

Jacob and friends at the RMH Lemon Aid stand
They set a fundraising record that day.

Minnesota Twins, partner
(only 20 games back in the AL Central)

Keep smiling, Jacob!

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