Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vikings vs Chargers

We had a great time visiting Susan and Jacob in Minneapolis. Susan scored us these Vikings v. Chargers tickets so we went for the first half. Pre-season game. Fun, but both teams seemed somewhat lethargic. The fans and the cheerleaders did not lack enthusiasm, however, and we were entertained by explosions, dancing, and plenty of Viking horns and concessions. Upon exiting, Susan noticed some cheerleaders by the gate and suggested I take Jacob's photo with one of them. I obliged, having not even noticed the cheerleaders at all (cough, cough). Jacob's response? "Well, that was a little bit embarrassing."

On the bus to the Mall of America Field (Metrodome)

Gotta love those Minnesota concessions. You betcha!

Believe it or not, I have never been to an NFL game before.

This guy has been to several, however.

Not to be outdone, Noah and friends attend a Randolph-Macon scrimmage back home.

Cheerleaders: dancing gymnasts in boots? Hmmm...

Halftime show: Pee Wee football
This play was the only touchdown we saw all night.

Jacob' new friend, Whitney

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