Sunday, September 1, 2013

Annabelle's Birthday: Finally Nine!

Last fling of summer: Annabelle's Birthday Party!

Everyone was super excited, except Sylvester.

Matched wardrobe items clearly not required for entry into the festivities,

Mom and Samuel were in "party mode"

Sunny was present (and hoping someone dropped their cake)

Insert "Happy Birthday Song" here.

Luke looks on with pride.

Everyone was most serious for the occasion.

Especially the older kids...

Pink lunchbox for "back to school"

Pink dress - Wow!

Lucy dropped in to share in the cake!

Looks like we're need to get back to school to work on our spellig and grammers,


M Bestie!


Grace or James (or George Dennehy) needs to come by and play this thing.

Check out my new footwear!

Magnetic Kingdom (kids are drawn toward it!)

What a fun time!

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