Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hampton Roads, Sunday Afternoon

We had a fine time Sunday afternoon when a number of us headed east.
Noah had a soccer game at the Hampton Roads Sports Complex in Virginia Beach.

So, we headed there by way of Norfolk, picking up Grace at ODU and Matt at EVMS on the way.

The soccer game was a blow out: Noah's team won 10-0 (boring, yet enjoyable).
The day was young and the ocean near, so we changed into our swimming suits and hit the beach.

The water was warm and the ocean breezes were plentiful. It was fantastic.
Sophie and Annabelle swam. Noah, Jacob, and Lucy battled the waves.
Lynsey, Matt, and Zarina caught some rays. Hannah and mom talked.
Grace and Samuel searched for shells. Keith lamented not bringing his camera.

As the sun waned, Susan and Hannah took the younger kids and headed home.
Keith had never seen Grace's dorm (or ODU) so he took Grace back.
Naturally, there was dinner at IHOP first, then a trip to Harris Teeter.
Eventually we made our way through EVMS to drop Matt off, then on to ODU.
Grace knew we were coming so she had her room clean and her bed made (NOT!)

It was a fun day and a nice conclusion to Keith's weekend long 48th birthday festival!

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