Monday, September 2, 2013

Lancaster, PA: Cradle of History

Did you know?
America's first paved road was constructed in 1795.
It connected Philadelphia with Lancaster. The rest is history.

Hotel Art

Noah, the Photographer

Historical Exhibit (Marriott Basement)

Did you know?
Lancaster, PA is the largest Amish settlement in the world!
Please enjoy my photos of the Amish countryside.

Hotel Lobby

Cool Fountain

Mirror Art

Preparing for the Ball

Indoor Pool

Did you know?
In 1846, the first telegram was sent, from Harrisburg to Lancaster, PA?

Needs a Better Name

Did you know?

The famous high speed passenger locomotive K4 Pacific Number 3750 that pulled the
funeral train of Warren G. Harding (who mysteriously died in office in 1923) can be viewed
at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Lancaster County.

Green Guitars

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Charlie the Horse, friend of Mounted Officer McVey
(we met them at dinner one night)

Guess which one is our room.



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