Friday, November 8, 2019

April 2019 (Top 100)

So much fun in April!

James River
Pony Pasture Rapids
Richmond, VA


Noah and Jacob


Jackson and Grace

Sophie and Sam at the Science Museum of Virginia

Lily, Lynsey, and George

Celebrating Lynsey's 28th!

Where is Ryan?

A walk in the ARC Park, now Park365

Lily amongst the Forsythias
Augusta County, Virginia

Busy Builder


Lucy and Lily

Trying on the Robe
Grace, before getting her Masters from UVA

Now let's RUN!



Hannah (and Luke, not pictured) also prepared to graduate from UVA

Easter Egg Pink

Ryan and Lynsey

Someone is digging up our yard....

The hole in the ground (aka The Concrete Pond) needs some hardscaping.

Check out this walkway, the handiwork of Rock Creek Innovations

Gobble Gobble

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