Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lynsey and Ryan's Wedding: The Good Stuff

Lynsey and Ryan have talented friends.

All of these photos were taken by Megan Mullins.
As you will see she is very very talented.

You can find her Facebook:

You can find her on her website:

If you are lucky she won't already be booked when you need her.
If she is booked, maybe you should change the date!

Sisters assist the bride

Cats, of course

Ryan was waiting to get a peek and his bride...

They were overjoyed.



The Whole Gang

Ryan and his sisters

Hedgehogs, of course

Beth Givens is here.
Let the Ceremony Begin!

Music by Musselmans



Then an ancient tradition called tying the knot.


Yes, Jim Gaffigan, there will be ice cream at the wedding!

The bubbles were more fun than rice!

Jackson really wanted to run through the bubbles

so Ryan took him through!

Ryan and Lynsey Musselman

Happily Ever After

I have always hoped each of my children would find someone who loves them 
more than they love themselves, and vice versa. These two aptly fit the description.

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