Friday, November 8, 2019

June 2019

What happened in the first half of June?

Luke took a job with Epic in Madison, Wisconsin (alongside brother James)
because 250 million patients and their doctors depend on software that works.

Matthew and Hannah visited and helped him move in.

James and Matt

Luke and Hannah

Meanwhile, Lucy and friends got ready to go to prom

Capitol Building
Richmond, VA

Kelsey, Lucy, and Viv

The pool was completed

and Jackson said "Let's go swimming!"

The pool came with some pretty fancy lights

and the hardscape came with lights also.

Noah turned 16!

Samuel got a cat from the shelter. It looks hungry. 

We saw Ryan Stevenson perform at Fairmount and he was excellent!

Lily got some awards at the official kindergarten graduation gathering

including this one for being a great communicator (aka never stops talking).

The weather heated up and we made use of the outdoor space

Sophie turned 15 years old

and Lily learned how to spell.

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