Thursday, May 23, 2013

iPhone Photo Fiesta

Our family has at least ten iPhones and they all take decent photos.
I recently asked everyone to take a photo of what they were up to.

Matthew was studying for part 1 of written boards in medical school.

Grace was hanging out with mom.

Mom was driving around with Samuel (aka Mr. Personality)

Hannah was concentrating on her big toe.

I was acquiring digital video at the Hanover High Choral Concert.

Sholpan was helping Samuel unload the groceries.

Luke made himself a hearty bowl of Lucky Charms.

Lynsey's friends at Dairy Queen won her this sweet hat from the claw machine.
Roll Tide!

James was adjusting to life in Madison, Wisconsin, where he is interning
with Epic (the electronic medical record doctors like most).

This is his first cooked meal:
Sausage and tomato penne Alfredo with Wisconsin Asiago cheese

Zarina took time to stop and smell the roses.

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