Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPhone Photos: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Sugar Bomb Cupcakes: A Challenge to the Endocrine Pancreas

It was a less than sunny day in Madison, Wisconsin. Sorry, James.

It was beautiful weather outside Reveille UMC.

The backyard was pouring over with the colors of spring.

It was Susan's turn to visit St. Stephen's Episcopal with Grace
for their Sunday evening Celtic worship service.

The life of the party?

Breakfast is served!

It's simple. It's green. We need a name for it.

Samuel was born May 2010, the Chinese Year of the Tiger (and I'm not lion).

2/3/2030 begins the Chinese Year of the Dog
and corresponds to my plans to visit Kazakhstan with the Krolls.
KZ 2030!

Zarina spent some time outdoors with friends over the holiday.

Lynsey trapped a mommy cat and her kittens.
Contact her if you want a cute kitty!

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