Sunday, May 19, 2013

UMFS: Prom Night at Reveille UMC

Reveille UMC was honored to host the prom for the residents of

Pat Gladin and her crew did an amazing job of changing the church into
a really classy restaurant and then a well-decorated dance hall.

The stars were out, with the names of all the UMFS kids.

Snacks were in abundance at the dance!

Disco balls and decorative balloons made for a festive decor.

From "Youth Space" to "Starry Night Prom Dance"

The "Welcome Center" welcomed our guests to a very nice dinner party.

The octagon in the ceiling is significant, as are the eight chairs around each table. 
Like notes on a musical scale or the days of the week, 8 is symbolic of "new beginnings."

Some of the workers, just before the harvest.

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